Sunday recipe: simple thumbprint cookies

Simple and tasty; but let’s talk about the butter. This is a Swedish recipe, and in Sweden, the default butter is lightly salted, not unsalted. So either use 1/2 salted and 1/2 unsalted, or unsalted with a dash (2 shakes from shaker, I’d say) or table salt.

Makes about 2 sheets’ worth.

200g butter, room temperature
1 dl and 1 tsp white sugar
1 tsp vanilla
4 1/2 dl AP flour
raspberry jam

Cream the sugar, vanilla and butter. Add the flour bit by bit until crumbly, then use your hands to press into a big ball. Form small balls, about the diameter of a quarter, and place on cookie sheet, at least an inch apart. Flatten the balls, then make an indent with your thumb, or better, knuckle, in each. Using a small spoon, drop jam onto each cookie. Bake at 350 F for 8-13 minutes depending on oven; the cookies shouldn’t brown. Undercooked cookies isn’t a disaster, they’re just a little crumblier and the jam isn’t firm.
Helpful hint: if you’re using less runny jam, remove the cookies from the oven after about half the baking time, poke the jam with a toothpick so that it forms a uniform pool, then put the cookies back and finish baking.

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