October 2005

Review: Trailer- Underworld Evolution

So, I just saw the trailer for Underworld: Evolution, and… eh. No. It doesn’t seem very good. One of the fighting scenes appeared to be out of the film sequence of some ps2 game. I will see it, of course I will see it, but it will probably have all the things that made Underworld bad (so-so acting, bad script, an f/x guy for a director) with much of the stuff that made it good (lots of Lucian, any Kahn at all, the cool-smoothness [albeit cheesy] of the Death Dealers, and the relatively calm prettiness.) And it’s a clear-cut action movie, with explosion and helicopters, but also with winged creature á la Van Helsing (eek!) (also, could someone explain to me why Marcus becomes a winged-creature-with-shrieky-voice, while Michael became a sort of tail-and-bamf!-less Nightcrawler? Because that confuses me.) It seems fun enough, it’s just that it seems to be lacking something in the interesting-plot department as well.

No grades for trailers, but, no, no high hopes there.



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