March 2005

Contact me

If you want to reach me about the site layout, the site, or the subdomain and blog, please email sianna (at) onomatopoetry (dot) com.

If you have questions about any of the other subdomains, please contact their respective owners.

Thank you.

About Me

This is me.

Well, this is a certain aspect of me. The black-and-white-and-orange, English language blog aspect of me; if you prefer Swedish, my Swedish blog is called eftermigfloden and can be found here.

I am thirtyish, I’m a front-end web dev  and UI designer* who live in Seattle with my husband and cats.  I was born and grew up in Sweden (which may or may not be referred to as “A Small, Dark Country in the Far North” for the purposes of this blog.)

I bake for fun and cook out of necessity, and other than the very old entries, this blog focuses on the baking.



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